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Parents’ form for the FrogLabs 2015 (DebConf in Heidelberg)


Dear parents,

completing this form is a requirement for participation in the FrogLabs. Please complete it together with your child. Should more than one of your children have signed up, please fill in a form for each child. We explicitly ask you to let your child fill in the correspondingly marked sections on their own.

Dear participants,

please carefully fill in this form together with your parents. If there are any questions, feel free to ask your parents or us.

After submitting the form, a page will be displayed for you to print out. A copy of this page must be printed, signed and brought to the event. If an error message is displayed, you must correct any mistakes and submit the form again.

A. Participant information

All information in this section should be completed by the participant.

1. About
(day.month.year, e.g. 23.12.2002) (required)
2. User name and password

You will need a Teckids account for the workshops and anything else you will be doing with Teckids. It consists of a user name and a password.

If you have taken part in a Teckids event before and already have an account or a Mercurius e-mail-address, you will be using these data for the FrogLabs as well.

It is very important that you keep these account data for yourself! Dear parents: please allow for this freedom. Should we ever offer services that require your interference, you will be given your own parents' account.

Your user account
I already have a Teckids account, I know my password and my user name is:
User name:
I do not have a Teckids account, do not know my password (anymore) or want to change my password, and I would like to have the following account data:
User name:
Password (again):
B. Parent information

All fields in this section should be completed by a parent.

1. Privacy agreements

The following agreement is essential to the social character of our projects and the forming of sustainable communities.

My child may give their postal and/or electronic addresses to stay informed about other Teckids events, to create a community for children and young adults and to receive certificates and prizes. Giving these data is optional and for said purposes only.
2. Medicaments / allergies / intolerances

Due to reasons of privacy, these data will not be gathered electronically. Please make sure to include them on the hard-copy, if necessary.

3. Emergency contact

The following data are very important in case of an emergency.

A participation is not possible without emergency contact data!

C. Declarations

I hereby confirm that my child will participate in the FrogLabs at DebConf 2015 without my supervision from August 15 to 18, 2015.

I hereby bindingly declare that I renounce any claims for immaterial and/or material compensation in the case of an accident during the time in which my child is supervised by FrogLabs operators and tutors. This equally applies to persons charged with the supervision of the children.

Responsibility is still taken in cases of malice or gross neglicence as defined by German law!

I hereby allow that my child will have time to spend independently and without supervision during the event (e.g. for meals). My child is not protected by German Social Accident Insurance during these times.

I hereby confirm that I have informed my child that they need to observe the house regulatios of the venue. I am aware that repeated culpable behaviour on the side of my child can entail an exclusion from the event at my cost.

I hereby allow the FrogLabs operators to record images and sound files of FrogLabs participants. These recordings may be used for documentations and promotional reasons and will be anonymised if necessary.

I hereby confirm that my child may decide to publish the results of group work during the workshops under a free licence through Teckids. The names of all group members will then be included. The copyright on all works (program code, texts, graphics) remain with the respective authors.

I hereby confirm that my child may decide to publish comments, feed-back and reports on their projects. These will be published with their name, age and (optionally) a photo.

D. Submit

Please pay attention to the feed-back given after submitting the form. After successfully submitting the form, please print out and sign the document and give it to your child for the FrogLabs.

The data submitted will only be sent to Teckids e.V. and will only be used for the operation of the FrogLabs.