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Sign-up for FrogLabs 2015 (DebConf in Heidelberg)


On this page, you can sign up for the Mini-FrogLabs at DebConf. Please note the following aspects:

  • Please first read all information on the FrogLabs together with your parents!
  • Provide a valid e-mail address which you will check regularly.
  • Your parents' e-mail address is also important — please make sure that they will also check their messages!
  • Read through the following form with your parents:
1. About you

First of all, we would like to know some things about you, so that we can print name tags and/or admission tickets.

(mandatory field)
(mandatory field)
(year-month-day, e.g. 2002-12-23) (mandatory field)
2. Your parents' name and address

Please complete this part with your parents!

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3. Your school

We are interested in what schools our participants are attending.

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(the year or form you are in) (mandatory field)
4. How to contact you

Please take care when completing the following fields — you will receive a lot of important information via e-mail after you sign up! Ask your parents to double-check your contact information.

Please do not use services provided by Mail4Kidz.eu — they hide important e-mail and is not suitable for messaging on the internet!

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(mandatory field)

You can change your decision on the following option at any time:

I only want to receive information on this year's FrogLabs.
I also want to receive information about other Teckids events.
5. Anything else

Finally, you can give us some other interesting information if you like.

How did you learn about the FrogLabs at DebConf?

Teckids (e.g. other events)

Additional notes (anything you can think of and consider important):

6. Send

Now your entry form is ready to be sent.

Please note: by sending this form, a message to Teckids containing your wish to sign up will be generated. This implies a declaration of intent that we are going to confirm (via e-mail), which bindingly finishes the sign-up process. In case of an incomplete form, a message to Teckids will not be generated; you will then be redirected to the form with references to the missing parts. Our right to refuse entries (e.g. due to organisational reasons such as the maximum number of participants having been reached) shall remain reserved. Our preferred medium of contact is e-mail; all provided accounts must be checked regularly so that you can acknowledge information as soon as possible. If there are any questions or problems, feel free to contact us!

You will need to confirm the following points together with your parentsn!

Parents: My child has completed the form with me and I agree with his/her participation. I know that the entry is binding and a cancellation is subject to a solid reason being provided.
My parents consent to the following privacy information and have allowed me to send my data according to the following conditions: The data provided will be collected and retained by Teckids e.V. for the organisation of the FrogLabs at DebConf 2015 only. Depending on what you have chosen above, your name and e-mail address will be saved for the subscription to the respecting mailing list. Your first name(s) and surname will be provided to DebConf in order to print admission tickets and name tags. None of your data will be used or published outside these circumstances.