Game developing

What exactly do you in this workshop?

Tom erklärt Veripeditus

In this workshop you can learn how to program small games with the programming language python. At this moment we use pyGame, but we also invent small augmented reality games, which you can - similar to Pokémon Go - play outside on your smrtphone.

Do i need any foreknowledge?

Kinder mit Veripeditus-Spiel

No. To take part in this wotkshop you don't need any precognitions. It doesn'r matter too, if you are completly new in programming, with computers oder with technic general. You will see it working after a very small amount of time.

How can the game look like?

Here would be a small but working game:

from veripeditus import framework as f

NAME = 'My first game'
AUTHOR = 'Fritz and Frida Frickler'
VERSION = '0.1'

class Player(f.Player):    

class Apple(f.Item):    
    default_name = "Apple"    
    default_image = "openclipart/183893"
    spawn_owm = {"natural": "tree"}


With this code your game will spawn an apple at every tree. That means, that if you would do a journey through the whole world you would get a whole bunch of apple.  In this example you saw, that is is verz easy to write small funny and cool games.