What can you do in this workshop?

Aufbau einer Schaltung mit Arduino

In this workshop you learn how to build small circuits with arduinos and how to programm them. There you take your first steps into electronik and programming. The electronical part starts with the simple circuit , but will also build complex circuits. While programming you learn how to work with the arduino IDE and programm the small boards. The programming language is a extended C#. If you have any questions, your tutors with always help you.

Do i need any foreknowledge?

Erste Programmierung mit Arduino

No. You don't need any foreknowledge. It is also no prolem, if you are new in the world of electronics or havn't ever done anything with programming. You will see that it is very easy to get started.

What exacly do we build in this workshop?

Fritzing Screenshot

You will build small electic circuits, which blink or beep or something similar.