What do you do in this workshop?

Kinder beim Videoschnitt

In this this workshop you learn how to create cool audio dramas or stop motion films with a mic, camera and e.t.c. Here you work in small groups of 3 to 5 persons an a project. First of all you decide what you want to do. Then you think about a story and other cool effects and implement them.

How does that all work and which programs do we use?


The audio dramas we produce with Audacity. The stop motion films you create by building small sceneries with LEGO® and then making photos after moving the figures every small frame. Then you put them together with OpenClipArt. You create the 3D by designing and animating them in Blender. So you create small cool films to share with your friends.

Do i need any foreknowledge?

Unser jüngster Teilnehmer im Stopmotion-Workshop

No. To take part in this wotkshop you don't need any precognitions. It doesn'r matter too, if you are completly new in programming, with computers oder with technic general. You will see it working after a very small amount of time.


This stop motion movie was created in one of our workshops.

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