Chat and social network

Everyone of you certainly uses social networks or at least has used one before.Most people probably use non-free services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc, where your data is not secure.At Teckids, we want to push ourselves to disseminate free software to children and adolescents.

Why should use free social media?

Apps like Instagram are monitoring (hier)! With free apps, you can see in the source code what the app does and when. So you can understand exactly if the app is listening to you or not! With completely free apps you have the guarantee that your privacy will not be disturbed.

Which free services offers Teckids?

Here you can communicate with Jabber and Movim. With Jabber you can write messages and send pictures, files and videos. With Movim you can post things in the news feed, like other posts and comment. There is a free alternative for most non-free services (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.).

As you all know, you need one to use our services a Teckids-Account. Movim is very easy to use. Just visit There you sign in with your teckids account and you will see your new feed at first.As I said, you can also post stuff there yourself. Please be sure to post only things that you really want to post and that are intended for the public. Please do not post unnecessary spam. On the left side you can see the communities. There you will find the news feeds of each team. Under "Chats" you can send and receive Jabber messages. You can write there with your friends and send cool pictures, videos and files. To send files you just have to click on the paperclip at the bottom right.

Is Movim available as an app too?!

Zes! In F-Droid is an app for Movim available. So you can post everything from your travelling or your journey on your mobile device.

At the first start you have to choosen the pod. Type here in the first field .

For experts: You can also use any other Jabber client, e.g. Free App Conversations (also found in F-Droid for free). Your Jabber ID is your Teckids username with @ behind it.