At our Workday on March 18, 2017, we discussed Teckids' goals of the their priorities in a workshop. We wanted to find out which common ideas would guide our work with in the future and in which goals we were going to invest the most resources. On this page, we would like to briefly introduce the different goals and what is meant by them.

1. Provide educational institutions with free software and educational resources

Our members have decided that the distribution of free software in schools as well as the distribution of open educational resources on our workshop topics should have top priority. For our work, this means, for example, that we will attach great importance to the reusability of the material, also when preparing workshops for holiday camps and similar activities. In addition, we gear all our developments in the area of free software towards reusability, help projects that develop free software for education and bring recommendations and experience with it to schools and others.

2. Offer online platforms for exchange

As a second priority, we want to offer children and young people an online platform to exchange ideas about projects and to offer an opportunity to use free software. This also includes our e-mail and chat services for children and a lot more that needs to be planned.

3. Free time and afternoon meetings

As usual, we wanted to continue offering holiday and weekend activities as well as afternoon meetings, where children and young people can work with computer science, sciences in general and free software. In the future, however, we will pay more attention to sustainability in terms of materials and follow-up projects (see above).

4. Education and events

We want to actively present all of these goals at events such as trade fairs and conferences and ensure the visibility of free software in education.