Teckids at the rC3

Jan. 27, 2021 · Niklas Bildhauer

From December 27th to 30th, 2020, 13 members of Teckids e.V. took part in the virtual "Remote Chaos Experience" (rC3) as a replacement for the cancelled Chaos Communication Congress. Despite minor technical difficulties, it was seen as a sucessful and rewarding event by our participants.

rC3-Gruppe.pngGroup photo (© Dominik George)

In order to model the real congress as well as possible, some elements of the event were implemented as 2D maps so that the participants could meet for a traditional group photo, for example. This also gave rise to the opportunity for creative use of WorkAdventure, the software with which this 2D world was implemented.

The rC3 also offered the opportunity to attend various talks and workshops, for example on the subject of encryption or software in public administration, but also on the digitization of schools. There was also the opportunity to exchange ideas about the school information system AlekSIS, which is co-developed by Teckids. A highlight of the event was of course our own talk "Youngsters as Contributors", which was given by Benedict, Jonah, Kirill and Nik.