Skolelinux (Debian Edu)


What is it?

DebianEdu/Skolelinux is an operating system espeacilly intended for educational use. As skole [skuːlə] is the Norwegian word for school, Skolelinux's literal translation is "school linux". It has been created as an overall free software computer solution designed to fit to schools' resources and needs, and is currently being developed by a large and growing international community.
Skolelinux provides a terminal server environment suitable to most educational scenarios, and comes with most services pre-configured out-of-the-box. It allows both a technical and non-technical installation process depending on the user's needs and expertise and highly simplifies middle-to-large system deployments and configurations. 

DebianEdu or Skolelinux?

At some point during the spring and summer of 2001 both DebianEdu and Skolelinux projects began as independent attempts to create a GNU/Linux distribution for educational purposes. Raphael Herzog started DebianEdu project as a member of a group called IIRC with the objective of creating education-related meta-packages and Skolelinux started from a Norwegian group as a project intended to create a CD distribution. After some initial collaboration, the French group left package maintenance to the Norwegian group which started to include them on their CD. By that time people all over the world were contributing, and at that point both projects effectively became one. Some say that DebianEdu is the name of the project, and Skolelinux is the name of the distribution, but in practice both names now actually refer to the same project. 

Teckids project Skolelinux

Skolelinux has always had a strong presence in Germany. In November 2017, the Teckids e.V., together with the previous coordinators, took over the representation of the project in Germany. This is to ensure that everyone interested in Skolelinux has a permanent contact person. In addition, the Teckids e.V. with its expertise supports schools and other facilities in the operation of Skolelinux / Debian Edu and advises on the transition and the establishment.

Official requests can be directed to one of the following addresses:

All informations and websites

The official website and information of the project are currently being redrawn. Information can be partially outdated.