Shared booth „schul-frei“

Come together

Free software is still not enough present on conferences. One of the main reasons for this is, that in the most cases there isn't enough staff and time available to present and organize a stand on confences or to have regular talks.

Doch unsere Themen müssen sowohl im IT-Bereich, insbesondere bei Freie-Software-Konferenzen, als auch im Bildungs- und Didaktikbereich sichtbar sein. Nur so ist es möglich, einzelne Projekte und vor allem die gemeinsamen Ziele zu verbreiten und Aufmerksamkeit zu gewinnen.

The Idea of a community stand

schul-frei-Stand CLT 2017

The idea is a joint booth of various projects dealing with Free Software and Education. In essence, these projects fall into three areas:


  • Software projects designed specifically for education

  • Software projects that are not specifically designed for education, but provide added value there

  • Social and political projects that promote Free Software in education

While the actors of the individual projects are and remain experts in their field, an exchange of knowledge should take place, which enables the other stand partners to also think outside the box and to represent the other projects. Thus, a single project does not immediately lose visibility at a conference if resources are unavailable.

Projects with „schul-frei“-stand

Currently the following projects have joined the joint booth:

  • Teckids e.V. - The youth organization around Free Software and umbrella organization of the project

  • Skolelinux Germany - The project Debian Edu in the german educational landscape

  • Veripeditus - The AR games framework for beginners and professionals


As part of the conference visits with "school-free" there is also a lecture canon. The aim of the lectures should also be to present the topic "Free Software in Education" as a whole and to make it visible. In particular, students are themselves involved.

The following lectures are currently part of the canon and will be presented at as many conferences as possible:

Too young to rock'n'roll

Children use software. But can they also be an active part of the FOSS community? What experiences are there? And what can projects do to be open to underage contributors?

Children want and should help to shape their environment. Especially in the IT sector, the age of entry in pure use is becoming ever smaller. Of course, there is also free software with a young audience, e.g. Software in education use or games. Teckids e.V. is a youth organization around free software that wants to make children and teenagers an active part of the Free Software community. Why young users should also be welcome as contributors is the first point of discussion. Free software also lives on the community. That is why projects are trying to keep the barriers to entry as a contributor as low as possible. Platforms like GitHub make it easy to submit bugs, feature requests, and patches. But some of the community, namely minors, still have a hard time working on projects that are of interest to them - for example, on educational software, games and the like. What legal hurdles force on modern tools and what projects can do to bring even the youngest on board, we will discuss here.

Children, instant messenger and other FOSS-projects

We show which children's and adolescents' instant messaging services are used and what they need to use free alternatives instead.

The age of entry to smartphones, computers and online services is shrinking. While toddlers already use learning and play apps, in the meantime there is a compelling need for technology in the school, especially when using instant messaging. This is exercised by classmates and teachers. The choice is almost always on proprietary and insecure services like WhatsApp. Together with children and adolescents, we have analyzed what free alternatives have to do in order to attract them and what projects can do for them


Take part

Other projects are welcome. Together, we can manage to firmly and visibly anchor the subject of Free Software in education.

If you are interested you can contact us at