Other Software

The Teckids e.V. supports a number of other free software that is educational or can be used for educational purposes.These projects are not co-ordinated or centrally developed by the association, but are used in the association's work, supported for other educational institutions and occasionally co-developed by contributions.


Movim is a free social network based entirely on the XMPP standard. It is decentralized and supports single chats, group chats, communities, microblogs and more. The chat platform of Teckids e.V. is based on Movim (and ejabberd).


xrdp is a remote desktop server for Linux.It is possible to use a remote desktop client on a terminal server using a remote desktop client.Teckids e.V. uses xrdp to provide a freely accessible, free Debian desktop. We also test xrdp as a component of the Skolelinux cloud.